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Let's roll up our sleeves

Vaccines are available for kids turning 5 in 2021 and older.

Helping our children get vaccinated is the most important thing we can do right now to protect our children, families and community from COVID-19 and the rapidly spreading Omicron variant.

3 Reasons to Get the Vaccine

Vaccinating as many people as possible, including children, will reduce COVID-19 in our community.

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Our content has been verified by experts to help you make an informed decision about getting vaccinated.

SickKids COVID-19 Vaccine Consult Service

The SickKids COVID-19 Vaccine Consult Service offers by-appointment phone consultations for children, youth and their families with a trusted health-care professional from SickKids, to help answer questions about the COVID-19 vaccine and support Ontario’s vaccination effort.

The Consult Service provides a safe and judgment-free space for confidential appointments to help caregivers make informed decisions. These phone consultations are for those who have specific questions or concerns related to the COVID-19 vaccine for youth/children that you cannot find the answer to elsewhere, have complex medical histories or medical conditions (i.e. chronic illness), and/or require additional support for theirCOVID-19 vaccine due to medical complexity, developmental disorder or mobility, communication, behavioural or other specialized needs, including significant needle phobia. Book a confidential phone call with a SickKids clinician.


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The content in this website has been verified by the Children’s COVID-19 Vaccine Table, a group of leading experts providing strategic advice and recommendations to government regarding vaccine strategy in the context of the COVID-19 global pandemic to inform planning, process and readiness with a focus on children.